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Book Online

Now introducing our online estimate calendar. On site and remote estimates available. Use our online booking system to schedule your free estimate today! 

Click below to get started. 

Things to add to website later:

We offer a three month warranty on all interior projects, and a one year warranty on exterior projects that covers unexpected imperfections.  <residential 


Introducing the new Eco-Program, unique to Cote of Paint! When you select one of our pre-selected colours, updated as per the Behr and Sherwin Williams Colours of the Year, paint materials costs are free! *

10 % Discount:

When you spend more than $5000 on services with Cote of Paint, enjoy a 10% discount! ** 

*Terms and Conditions:

Paint is owned by Philippe Cote and the Cote of Paint business. No paint to be left behind for the clients’ personal use. All leftover paint will be kept by Philippe Cote to be used on future Cote of Paint projects. 


**Terms and Conditions:

10% Discount program is combinable with referrals. You each enjoy the discounted rate, as long as the projects are completed within no more than a 3 week period in-between client A's end date and Clients B's start date. EXAMPLE TO QUALIFY: Your painting renovation costs total $2500. You have a friend that has their own renovation, where their painting renovations costs with Cote of Paint would be in excess of $2500. Your renovation ended July 25, and your friends started on Aug 15. << promotions

help in rehanging decor, or moving decor around - services under colour consultants

replacing deck rotted board unter exterior in services

promotions - book a project with us between these dates, and get 15% off, book a project between these dates and get 15% off your garage door painting in the summer! things like that. 

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