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What better way is there to freshen up your home than with a coat of paint?


Tired of looking at the same walls? Getting ready to sell? Ready to transform your space from drab to fab? We can help brighten and reinvest into your home! Cote of Paint is ready to help in any scenario. Philippe has many years of experience using a wide variety of techniques. This allows the Cote of Paint team access to the right tools to complete any job, giving the finished product crisp, clean lines will not disappoint!

All consultations and estimates are free.


Reimagine your home with Cote of Paint today!

Your family spends the most of their time together inside your home. This is why our homes' interiors are so important to us - they are the backdrop to so many family moments and memories. We at Cote of Paint realize this, and take extra care to keep your home in top shape. Using the finest paint and techniques, Phil and his team can touch up your walls, ceilings, trim, railings, kitchen cabinets and concrete floors (as in your unfinished basements, garages etc.)
We prioritize safety at Cote of Paint. For all interiors, we use water-based paint, unless specified otherwise. The benefit of this is the safety aspect of having less paint fumes in your home. We also paint fireplaces using heat resistant spray paint, allowing for a beautiful and safe finish anywhere in your home.

Minor Drywall Repairs


Flat, smooth ceilings are quite modern, and easily achieved. We are equipped to remove your popcorn ceiling, allowing us to give your home a timeless update. We not only take care of the removal, but the clean up as well. By the time our team leaves your home, your renovation will be ready for enjoyment! 

Cote of Paint can also assist with minor dry wall repairs, such as caulking, filling and patching. If you have a hole needing repaired, feel free to ask! 

We also repair any nail holes upon request as we paint. We do not fill them in without being told, as you may want to rehang your décor in its previous spots. 



Curb appeal can easily make or break your homes aesthetic - as the exterior of your home makes the biggest WOW impact to your friends, family and community. Keep it updated by retouching the paint on the aluminon siding, brick or wood materials. Window trims or eavesdrops can also be quickly refinished.

Don't forget about your front, back and side doors either! The doors to your home can make a huge impact for welcoming in guests.

Deck Staining and Sealcoating


Has the winter been hard on your deck or fence? The seasons and different weather elements we experience here in Ontario can really take a toll on the outside of our homes. Make sure you are BBQ season ready this summer with a fresh coat of paint or stain!  


Don't forget to sealcoat before the fall, to keep your property in peak condition. Your garage may also be in need of some TLC, as this area of your home can often be overlooked. Let us help with that! 

Colour Consulting

Your wall colour has great impact on your home, and the feel of each room. We are happy to discuss current trends, popular palettes, and coordinating colours for accents in your home. Still can't decide? Not only can we go through colours with you via our colour fans, but we have a few colours on hand to paint a swatch directly onto your wall. This allows you to see the actual colour, dried, in different lights and at different times of day or night, first hand. What a difference this can make! 



Cote of Paint comes prepared with the right tools for the job! We invest in high quality tools, so you don’t have too.


We offer professional spraying services for a fast, flawless finish in your home. We also offer power washing services to clean off any accumulated dirt, dust, mold and mildew off of your home.


Safety equipment is always top of mind. We ensure our prep work is completed efficiently, allowing projects to run as smoothly as possible.

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